Screen Printing

Screen printing has been our primary focus since we began in 2016. While it may seem straightforward, mastering this art takes years of practice and keeps evolving. We take pride in our high-quality work, recognized and awarded by industry peers.

Screen Printing Methods: Water Based / Discharge, Puff, Fashion Soft Plastisol, High Density, Full Color Simulated process, Plastisol, Foil, Reverse print, Tone on Tone Glow In The Dark, Gloss Press & Gel.

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Water Based / Discharge

Unlike traditional plastisol inks that sit on top of the fabric, water-based inks penetrate deep into the fibers, essentially re-dyeing the material. This results in a super soft print that you can't feel, offering a seamless and comfortable finish.

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Plastisol ink is popular for its bright colors and versatility across many fabrics. Unlike water-based ink, it sits on top of the garment. Despite common misconceptions, plastisol doesn’t have to be thick and heavy. We use special screens and methods to ensure thin, vibrant prints that maintain the fabric’s feel.

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Fashion Soft Plastisol

With our special base ink, we achieve extremely soft prints on light or colored fabrics, creating a fashion-forward look similar to water-based printing. Its semi-transparent quality is perfect for tonal or vintage print designs.

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Full Color Simulated Process

Using our simulated process and 4-color (CMYK) capabilities, we produce brilliant full-color images with multiple shades and fades. This method works perfectly for images that blend seamlessly into the garment.

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